Bonneville County Idaho Gold

There is very fine gold in the Snake River. Also a good place to look would be northeast of Grays Lake.

Mount Pisgah District

Southeast of Bone on Mount Pisgah in the Caribou Range, in T4S R44E, is the location of the Mount Pisgah district. It produced around 16,000 ounces of placer gold.

Both placer and lode mines were productive, but all the recorded production was from placers, which in the 1870’s yielded $250,000 in gold annually. In later years mining in the district declined, although some time after 1920 several unsuccessful attempts were made at dredging. From 1939 through 1959 only 459 ounces of gold was produced.

Most of the country rock consists of Mesozoic sedimentary rocks cut by dioritic dikes and sills. The deposits were described as large tabular masses of quartz that were shattered and then mineralized with calcite and auriferous pyrite. In most of the deposits, the pyrite is oxidized and the gold is free.