Soon after gold was discovered in the Boise Basin, prospectors found gold in Blaine County as well, around 1862-1864. By 1880 the Blaine County mining boom was in full motion, and transformed a mainly farming county into one of Idaho’s major mining counties. The first mining camps soon grew into large towns. Towns like Bellevue and Hailey led the way.

Wood River District

In 1880, the finds near Bellevue and Hailey led to a population boom. The news of the recent strikes reached Boise and the men poured in to the Wood River District to find their piece of the golden pie. Not only was gold being found, but a fair amount of silver and copper as well.

Near Bellevue in township 1S and range 17 and 18 are some old placer gold diggings, as well as many other places that have sign of being worked around the area.

Camas District

Hailey was a town that eventually became part of the Camas District. Approximate production for this area is 102,000 ounces of gold being recovered.

Warm Springs District

In the Warm Springs District is where you can find the town of Ketchum. Ketchum was the location of smelter and the area produced approximately 90,000 ounces of gold. The district is located approximately township 4N, Range 17,18,19.

Once mining died down sheep herding and tourism took over the county. The area around Ketchum is now known for skiing.